Fetoly Heart

Medical device for securing and simplifying fetal cardiac ultrasound examination.

Meet FETOLY-Heart

To address different problems related to fetal ultrasound examination, we have developed Fetoly-heart. Fetoly is an AI-powered medical device that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of ultrasound systems. By analyzing fetal ultrasound stream in real-time, our technology both accelerates and secures fetal examination.

Fetoly-heart is a cutting-edge medical software device currently undergoing the process of medical certification, with an anticipated completion date in 2024.

Completeness measurement

Measures the completeness of the fetal ultrasound examination from a medical viewpoint (verified presence of standard heart views and quality criteria within the views). It allows you to safely end the examination without a risk of missing something important.

Automatic view extraction

Automatizes 100% the extraction of the best ultrasound views in real-time and liberates the operator from the manual image freezing and manual report composition.

First in class innovative platform

Standardizes user practices according to international guidelines

Secures ultrasound examination of a complex and impactful fetal organ, the heart

Simplifies and automatizes complex medical tasks, such as fetal view extraction

Does not change the practitioner’s workflow

Enables access to an equal quality of medical examination for all patients

What's next ?

Based on this achievement, we are currently extending our expertise to fetal screening and the analysis of other organs.