Intelligent tools for
ultrasound imaging

Advanced learning toward more accurate fetal screening and

prediction of fetal abnormalities.

Our Why

Obstetric ultrasound

Being highly safe for patients and clinicians, obstetric ultrasound has proven a fundamental ingredient of prenatal care for applications ranging from accurate dating of a pregnancy to detecting pregnancy complication factors and fetal abnormalities. Benefiting from being highly portable and economical, it has become one of the most commonly performed imaging modalities in clinical practice, providing real-time data acquisition and visualization.

Related problems

Although ultrasound imaging is widely used, it remains one of the most complex and time consuming examinations, associated with high variability and low quality of monochrome images. The accuracy of fetal abnormality diagnosis is highly dependent on physiological factors, quality of the machine, and the experience and cognitive ability of diagnosticians. As a result, fetal ultrasound examination is prone to technical and human errors, which can cause extreme emotional stress for the parents and lead to expensive, unnecessary medical interventions and adverse neonatal outcomes.

Our Mission

Improve prenatal detection of fetal pathologies

Our aim is to help clinicians to address problems related to the obstetric ultrasound by improving the fetal diagnostics and simplifying the decision making. We want to precisely define fetal biometric key parameters and help diagnosticians with detection of prenatal pathologies and congenital defects from the earliest weeks of pregnancy.

Our Projects

Meet Theia

THEIA is the cloud-based platform that will support clinicians during ultrasound screening allowing to raise the confidence in the obstetric diagnostics. THEIA is based on cutting-edge algorithms of applied mathematics powered by our proprietary architectures of deep learning, enabling a real-time detection and prediction of fetal abnormalities.

Proud to Be

*At the very beginning, our startup was known under name of Medicing.


Laureate of the innovation contest i-Lab oraganized by French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and innovation, and Bpifrance.


Laureate and TOP-20 of the international acceleration program BigBooster.


Selected among 12 startups for presenting our work at the Bluesky meeting organized by the Lyonbiopole in frames of the Collaborative Days.


Selected among 14 startups for presenting our work at the Private Investment Days organized by the Lyonbiopole.


Laureate of the 7th edition of the Out of Labs challenge in the Entrepreneur's category.